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Can I rely on a server's SteamID ?

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When getting a server's data (using `getServerList()` for instance) there's a steamid key looking like: 

  "steamid": {
    "universe": 1,
    "type": 4,
    "instance": 14996,
    "accountid": 3841673219

I am wondering how reliable is this to identify a single server ? If, for example, I start a game server on some host and later move it to another one (meaning moving all of the files related to this game server, using the same Steam account etc...) will this Steam ID remain unchanged ?

Basically, I'm trying to track servers changing addresses / hosts and I'm not sure this is actually something I can do reliably.

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SteamIDs with type 4 are anonymous gameservers, meaning the SteamID is going to change every time the server restarts. If you want a persistent SteamID, you need to register a gameserver account and use the login token you get on your server. Source-based games usually use tokens by adding +sv_setsteamaccount <token> to your server's command line.

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