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  1. You're rate limited. You're making too many requests somewhere.
  2. That's a good point on the already logged on error, although for the others I don't really think it's worth being concerned about. It should not be possible to be missing a CM list since it's retrieved from the WebAPI and the library falls back to a bundled list if that fails. I'll see about making it possible to handle the already logged on error.
  3. received = received.filter(offer => offer.state == TradeOfferManager.ETradeOfferState.Active)
  4. manager.on('sentOfferChanged', (offer, oldState) => { // This is the callback // offer.id is the ID of the trade offer that changed });
  5. No, that kind of thing would be a trade secret I'd imagine.
  6. Sure, have fun with that.
  7. If you're already keeping track of offer IDs paired with discord user data, then you should just have one sentOfferChanged handler and check the offer.id inside of that callback.
  8. You should only have one sentOfferChanged handler. You should not add a new handler every time you send a trade.
  9. Not if you want to pretend to be a VAC-secured server.
  10. Yes, that will work. You just need to make sure to add your event handlers to each instance.
  11. You would have to somehow implement the algorithm the CS:GO client uses to turn item data (plus the texture and model files) into a rendered image.
  12. You can't get a trade link (with token) from an offer. The SteamID of the other party in a trade offer is available as the partner property.
  13. You can use the offerList event to see if any old offers are still active.
  14. Re-post with a code block so bbcode doesn't immolate your code.
  15. https://dev.doctormckay.com/announcement/1-the-purpose-of-these-forums-and-what-doesnt-belong-here/
  16. How about you figure it out if you want it so badly?
  17. You have to go out of your way to cancel a trade hold and get hit with the 7-day cooldown. In fact, I'm not aware of any (easy) way to do it in code.
  18. You certainly cannot join a game server, as that would require implementing VAC. Which is difficult by design, as if we could easily implement VAC then cheats would be able to bypass it with minimal effort. Maybe CS:GO's GC is written poorly. Knowing Valve and the CS:GO team, that's probably a given. So there's probably some exploit in the GC that allows you to make the GC believe you're in a server. But exploits aren't really my thing.
  19. You need to filter your own inventory to find the items you want to add, then add them.
  20. Dunno, maybe they're checking trade history or something.
  21. Assuming you set a language in the constructor, it's a property of item.
  22. You probably need to send some additional data. Not sure, I've never really spent too much time looking into this because it's not terribly useful as you can't actually join a game server.
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