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  1. You must use EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient to get a token that's eligible for use with steam-user.
  2. That will log the IDs of the items before they were traded. To get new asset IDs, use the getExchangeDetails method on the TradeOffer object.
  3. Sounds like you might not be up to date. I'd fetch all rows upfront, then request all personas at the same time. Seems good, I think Steam might send you a persona update via the user event for yourself when you set yourself to online; if it does, then waiting to see yourself as online might be all you need.
  4. The order of parameters to the getPersonas callback is err, personas. You have it backwards. The getPersonas function accepts multiple IDs. Why are you calling it individually for each ID? You might need to delay some time after calling setPersona to set yourself online, as you're currently sending the getPersonas requests synchronously at the same time as setPersona, without giving Steam enough time to process that you're now online.
  5. That's correct, if you want newOffer to be emitted again the next time the bot starts up, you'd want to make sure you don't save poll data.
  6. I'm assuming that this log output is produced by multiple steam-user instances, since there shouldn't be any situation where multiple connections belonging to the same SteamUser instance would be open. If this isn't the case, there's a bug. In your screenshot, it does look like T1 and T2 are still connected. I don't honestly know what circumstance would cause the AlreadyLoggedInElsewhere error; normally if you log into an account that's already logged on elsewhere, it'll still work. If there's a logon ID conflict, the first session would get booted with LoggedInElsewhere (eresult 6, separate from AlreadyLoggedInElsewhere).
  7. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user#steamguard
  8. No, you're responsible for removing your own event listeners.
  9. Sounds like that might be a rate limit.
  10. Nothing that steam-user does uses the WebAPI. There might be limits on various requests, but the WebAPI limit doesn't apply here. Using steam-user to listen for the user event doesn't make any requests at all; Steam pushes down profile updates as they happen.
  11. As far as I'm aware, all CS:GO items have a trade cooldown when traded. I don't know why you'd be seeing different behavior.
  12. That's just what happens for CS:GO items. Whenever an item is traded, the item server applies a 7-day trade cooldown to the item. Those market_tradable_restriction and market_marketable_restriction properties don't really do anything; they just get set on all items to show which cooldowns apply when an item is bought off the community market. It's up to the item server to actually apply any restrictions. I hadn't seen market_buy_country_restriction before, but I'm assuming it's the same: it just gets set on all items to prevent then from being bought by people in specific countries.
  13. Most free games these days are free-on-demand, so you'd need to use the requestFreeLicense method before you actually own the title.
  14. All of the details are already available on the objects in the data array.
  15. You would need to use node-globaloffensive.
  16. Nothing I can do about it, I didn't write the forum software.
  17. I've added initial support for using the new login scheme in the api-login branch: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/pull/292 But I've done it using protobufs to match how the proper Steam website does it. Where'd you get the values that you're sending?
  18. That's probably down to Steam not sending it because it's not used in chat, which is the only official consumer of web logon tokens. I'm not aware of any way to force it to be sent, but you should be able to retrieve your wallet balance using steamstore.
  19. You would need to wrap logOn and the loggedOn handler in a promise. You'd also need to account for the error event in case you fail to log on, and remove the event listeners when you resolve the promise.
  20. https://steamerrors.com/20 It's a problem with Steam. Nothing we can do about it.
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