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  1. No, there isn't any native support in the library for that. It would probably be easier for you to just manually send the request and parse the JSON yourself.
  2. Yeah, time_historical_cutoff is used to include non-active offers that have updated since the provided time, when you pass active_only.
  3. Native support for what, filtering by item name? No.
  4. You can use the count URL parameter to filter how many items are returned, like this: https://steamcommunity.com/inventory/76561198006409530/753/6?count=1
  5. All active offers should always be returned when you pass active_only, regardless of your other query parameters.
  6. When you pass data through IPC like that, it gets serialized and then unserialized on the other end. The nature of a SteamCommunity object actually being a SteamCommunity object doesn't survive that serialization.
  7. Your assumption is correct. You could either use IPC to call to the master process and do your steamcommunity work there, or use IPC in the master process to the worker processes to share your login cookies.
  8. I don't know what you think appinfo is, but it's not what you're describing.
  9. The only thing that happens when a session expires is the sessionExpired event gets emitted (potentially multiple times). There isn't any other way to tell.
  10. That code all looks fine, but bear in mind that steamcommunity doesn't set the steamID property to null when the session ends like steam-user does.
  11. If what you're doing is working, then there probably isn't any actual rate-limit being imposed. But I would definitely use a short delay rather than blasting all the messages at once, since that could potentially trip some rate-limiting.
  12. Yeah, just use the GetFriendList WebAPI method.
  13. Can you verify the sessionExpired event is actually getting emitted? It can only get emitted if the module can verify with certainty that your session isn't valid anymore; getting a private inventory response isn't sufficient verification.
  14. Not really. In theory, the code to support this could be written, but I don't see what useful purpose it would serve. And you wouldn't be able to report as a VAC-secured server.
  15. About all you could do is repeatedly send the MOTD message, but that would presumably make the page reload every time.
  16. You would need to root/jailbreak.
  17. You need to filter the inventory to find the "Gems" item, and set its amount property to 1.
  18. Yeah, that would work. You shouldn't need to worry about security as long as the bot's web server is only listening on localhost.
  19. Created an issue for this: Steam awards · Issue #271 · DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity (github.com)
  20. For the most part, if you just call webLogOn every 30 minutes, you should be fine.
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