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  1. The inspect request is rate limited. The absolute fastest I've seen it work is once per second, and that may even be too frequent these days.
  2. I suggest you ask the csfloat project, with which I have no relation.
  3. There's no reason to ever call logOn in an interval. If you receive the error event, then just log on again and you'll always be connected.
  4. You can't really reliably do it. There are some community endpoints that include app_data on the item description, which does contain def_index, but not all have that. steam-tradeoffer-manager isn't using IEconItems_440 because that's a TF2-specific interface and steam-tradeoffer-manager is meant to work with any Steam app.
  5. Yes, 76561198024816553 is a full SteamID, not an account ID. An account ID is what you see in a [U:1:46143802] ID (46143802 is the account ID).
  6. If you're fetching your time offset and it's 1, then your clock is correct. If you're still being told that your authenticator is invalid, then the secret must be wrong.
  7. No. When you sign into a site using Steam OpenID, the site only gets your SteamID and nothing more. Certainly not an access token. That's great. I'm still not going to help you compromise your own account.
  8. You need to provide the asset owner's SteamID as well. The linked repository only indicates that S is optional because you need either S or M (M is used for market listings).
  9. Giving an access token to a third-party site is effectively the same thing as giving them your username, password, and mobile auth code. I wouldn't recommend it.
  10. What's there is what Steam reports. I can't help you if the backend is returning bad data.
  11. The third-party typescript definitions haven't been updated for 2.11.0. Just suppress the error.
  12. Cannot reproduce. Are you on the latest version?
  13. Duplicate of several threads here: https://dev.doctormckay.com/forum/9-node-steam-tradeoffer-manager/
  14. That's the point. Enabling useAccessToken disable fetching an API key.
  15. Not that I'm aware of. I've heard, but not personally confirmed, that if you use an access token you still receive CS2 offers as normal.
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