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failure to kick bots in botmanager.sp

a dbx 166a

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hi doctor,

I've noticed in some situations the botmanager doesn't remove all bots when players have vacated the server. occasionally, it will even kick the last bot with a purge message and then immediately add a new one in a freshly emptied server (with sm_bot_join_after_player==1).

this is quite bad if it leaves one bot in arena mode - since the bot will be stuck in spec, an additional bug that causes bots to spam the console with endless name changes while in spectator can leave a bot filling the server log indefinitely. I'm not sure, but this probably prevents (or indicates a lack of) server hibernation as well.

in my case I seem to have hacked around it by hooking OnClientPutInServer & OnClientDisconnect_Post, looping for real players, and doing something like 

tf_bot_quota = ( iTotal >= 1 ? cvarBotQuota : 0 );

(actual code is messier and split between the aforementioned hooks, but I figured a quick ternary would get the point across).

apologies if this is the wrong forum, it looks like your git issues are disabled on the sm repo.


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