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steam-client integration (v4)

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Dear Friends,

I am using your node-steam-user in my app (^4.15.4) which works perfect for me. What I am struggling with is integrating package Dota2 (https://www.npmjs.com/package/dota2) into my application.

Since Dota2 package requires an instance of steam-client (https://www.npmjs.com/package/steam-client) to work, I did not want to rewrite my application to use this steam integration. So I have googled for a while and I have figure out few facts, that I would like to ensure about:

1. node-steam-user is not using steam-client since v4.0
2. node-steam-user does not expose anything like "steam-client"
3. There is no way how to use together steam-client and node-steam-user
4. node-steam-user does communicate with Steam game coordinator (as described in https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/wiki/Game-Coordinator), which is steam-client NOT used for

I would highly appreciate any response.

With kind regards,


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That's all correct. Anything that depends on a steam-client interface is not going to work with steam-user v4 or later. You could either use steam-user v3 or you could possibly write a kludge that would translate steam-user into a steam-client-like interface which dota2 could work with.

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Dear Dr. McKay,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately using v3 is not an option since I would have to rewrite whole application.

Maybe two more ideas:

1. Is there a possibility how to pass steam-client to node-steam-user (so that I can use both) ? // I believe there is not
2. Is it possible to use both at the time? node-steam-user and steam-client (with single steam account) ?

Best regards,


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