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Full poll in getOffers() with descriptions synchronously blocking app


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Hey there,

I've noticed that whenever the trade offer manager does a full poll for one of my accounts it can block the Node.js process. If I turn off description mappings (not set language) it's OK.

Currently I have a requirement for descriptions, but may investigate moving away from it, however thought I'd bring this to your attention. This issue arises because the `sentOffers` data is ~67MB (as stringified). It seems to freeze up when `_mapItemsToDescriptions` is called in `createOfferFromData` for my sent items.

I tried moving to an old version where it does not paginate, but no luck, so it's likely a recent sent offer.

I think it may be the loop in `EconItem` (as the Node.js debugger kept putting me in this loop when I spammed it repeatedly), or just the main map in `_mapItemsToDescriptions` -- it takes ~60 seconds to a full refresh (like 15-30 seconds of processing) which can block the app.

I'm not exactly sure how you'd solve this unless you made it async or something. If you're interested, I can provide some `sentOffers` data.

In the meantime I may just look at moving off using descriptions. I've tried tweaking the cache values (increasing it to an extremely large number) and it doesn't seem to have any impact whatsoever.

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