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  1. Cool, thanks for answering
  2. Hey, I was just wondering why you make a languages.js file for your GC modules (node-tf2, node-globaloffensive). Is it just so you know which ones your module supports, or because you like the cleaner names? I can see it aiding performance because you can grab the value straight away without having to loop through heaps of enum objects. Was just curious as to why, I wanted to work on my own GC module and wanted to hear your thoughts! Cheers.
  3. Hey, I was wondering if you were ever thinking of making your own module for interacting with the Dota 2 game coordinator. There is node-dota2 but it needs node-steam and it seems pretty dead. I understand if you weren't thinking of making a dota2 one since from what I can see there are a TON of messages which the Dota client sends. It would be great to have a module to use with node-steam-user though. I might even start writing my own in the future (after my studies finish this semester) for some of my personal projects. Was just wondering if you ever planned on writing one. Ch
  4. Timing out because the SteamID is invalid (in this case 0?) getPersonas from what I understand is supposed to work correctly for friends, but I've found its behaviour to be inconsistent.
  5. Thank you! I understand and sorry for bothering you, hope you enjoy your break
  6. Sorry for making a thread on your forum, but I noticed this crash occurring a few times (when Steam is down I believe), and I was hoping to get some attention to my PR which should band-aid fix this exception from occurring. Here's a link to my PR: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/pull/322 and the corresponding issue (from 10 months ago): https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/issues/274 As you can see I simply stop the code from progressing if an exception is going to occur if the bot does not have a socket and cannot respond to a ChannelEncryptRequest. I
  7. Hi I noticed there's two different ways of getting the assetids for received items for an accepted offer, and they do 2 different calls, I was just wondering if you knew whether one is more reliable than the other - sometimes with getReceivedItems I get an error "Data temporarily unavailable; try again later" - would this happen with getExchangeDetails? Thanks
  8. Thank you very much! Needed for my bot in order for the user to easily identify users.
  9. Hey, I'm assuming you would use getPersonas to get the nickname of the user that the 'bot' account has set for that user, this is my response. { '76561198144520197': { persona_state: 1, game_played_app_id: 0, game_server_ip: 0, game_server_port: 0, persona_state_flags: 256, online_session_instances: 4, published_instance_id: 4, persona_set_by_user: null, player_name: 'madgamer69', query_port: 65535, steamid_source: Long { low: 0, high: 0, unsigned: true }, avatar_hash: ByteBuffer { buffer: <Buffer 08 ff 1f 12 3a 09 05 80 fb 0a 01 0
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