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Question, how to handle manager.getUserInventoryContents properly ?

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Hello, I'm using  TradeOfferManager and SteamUser libraries, following the docs on 
so far I was able to continue my project and learning more about programming in the process, in a few features of the project I use getUserInventoryContents and works fine,

There is one feature that require more than one call of this method getUserInventoryContents, this feature works, but in cases crashes when the user runs this a few times.
I don't know if this may be related but i get the GET /ab2h,  ab2g after the crash,
my question my node server requires robots.txt to avoid this ? or add more delay on each getUserInventoryContents call ?

Thanks !

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I capture yesterday session, checking the logs I only recover this the two unexpected request



and here, checking the screenshot again, I saw that null 


and here is the error, looks like I send a null from the array, fetching the second page of Trade links

With regard of the robot.txt for the server, will improve some validation on my server ?

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Ask to Zelenka he maybe, he will know joke xD,

I don't have the error that came from the response of the getUserInventoryContents, but so far, I'm calling it inside an iteration, with delay to avoid steam overloaded

If there is any recommendation doing this way, I will continue and add some security libraries to the node server.

Thanks anyway

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