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Steam Auth on different domain


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this question is not related to steam packages but still related to the steam so I hope I can still ask here about it. I noticed that all steam websites are using different domain in which they authenticate user and then redirect him back to main domain. What is best approach to do this? My idea was to send users from site1 to site2 which redirect user automatically to steam auth and then from steam redirect user directly back to site1 but this is showing me error on steam. Just written text ERROR nothing more so I have no idea why it doesn't work. I am doing it right or is there better approach to this? Another idea I had is to redirect user back from steam to site2 and with nginx redirect this request back to site1 along with autheticated cookies, but this doesn't work for me as well since cookies are authenticated just for site2. Can someone give me a hint how to do this? I will find details myself I just need someone to explain me general approach how to do this. 
Thank you!

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These aren't distinct domains; they're subdomains / wildcards of the main domain. If you set cookies for the main domain, all subdomains will be able to access those cookies.

edit sorry I mean store.steamcommunity and steamcommunity and I forgot about steampowered :D

check SSO https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43631581/how-to-do-single-sign-on-with-nodejs


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