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When I run games on behalf of the bot and the person runs the game after ending the bot session, it should try to reconnect, but all I saw when I got the LoggedInElsewhere error was:

[debug event]

[T1#9] Handled message: ClientPersonaState
[T1#10] Handled message: ClientFromGC
Received 570 GC message 4009
[T1] TCP connection ended
[T1#11] Handled message: ClientLoggedOff
Logged off: LoggedInElsewhere
Disconnecting without sending logoff
[T1] Ending connection and removing all listeners
Error: LoggedInElsewhere

I waited, waited, but reconnection still did not happen, can you tell me what is wrong and maybe it is worth to realize reconnection and approximately how it can be done.

Also, all listeners are cleared, so do I need to recreate the SteamUser instance?

Used:  node-steam-use4.28.8

Issue resolved, reconnects every 30 minutes
I apologize for the redundant topic, if you want to delete it, please do so

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