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  1. Sometimes when I add too many items in one trade offer. When it is complete. pollFailure shows an err:Error: Data temporarily unavailable And normally it doesn't happen in those trade offers with few items. So is there a suggested number?
  2. Thanks for your help. I never consider about the issue of steam items or valve items . At first I dealing with dota2 items.By getting many inventory json results and get items information by GetAssetClassInfo (eventually I made my website identifying items by market_hash_names).After that I find that if I use WebAPIs to make clear defindex+quality=market_hash_name.The volume of data can be lower as there are less description .But as you say those apps' items are complex.Using WebAPI to get items only limited in several apps(dota2 csgo tf2 steam?). The problem is if I want to trade .I need ids
  3. Hello Dr.McKay! I think currently I am using the same way to get all items in app or display users' inventory on the website.However I find that some other way to identify steam items. 1.using http://api.steampowered.com/IEconItems_<appid>/GetPlayerItems/v1?key=<apikey>&language=&SteamID= to get one user's items . 2.defindex combine with quality can identify a item as market_hash_name do.(same defindex items have same image // e.g. http://cdn.dota2lounge.com/img/items/6627.jpg and this 6627 is a defindex. As I notice this result is much more light than inven
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