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  1. For that purpose, you use tradeoffer-manager's getOffersContainingItems() function. bot.manager.getOffersContainingItems(invItem, false, function(err, sent, received) { if (sent.length > 0) { /* item is pending */ } })
  2. Excuse me please, for posting post under another, but I'd like thread to be bumped. What does it mean when sticker is not listed on any of the sticker slots on IEconItems, but is placed as HTML tag in item's descriptions on user's inventory? Like here: "367883549_480087296":{ "appid":"730", "classid":"367883549", "instanceid":"480087296", "icon_url":"-9a81dlWLwJ2UUGcVs_nsVtzdOEdtWwKGZZLQHTxDZ7I56KU0Zwwo4NUX4oFJZEHLbXH5ApeO4YmlhxYQknCRvCo04DEVlxkKgpopbmkOVUw7PvRTipH7s-JkIGZnPLmDLfYkWNFpp102r_ErdutiwbmqUtuMG-hdoeVdgNoY16F-wPsku_mh5Dq7cian3B9-n51JZMMtxo", "icon_url_large":"-9a
  3. Yes, I'm on that part. But what's the proper way to identify that exact sticker on GetSchema API? Names definitely aren't exact, it seems like nothing matches together #edit: forgive me my ignorance. I just released the structure is completely different to what I thought it is.
  4. Dear Dr. McKay, as this is my first post in here, I'd like to thank you for your work. It saves us all a lot of time. However Im consused on checkin the stickers wear's value. Stickers on a weapon. How do I know which defindex is which?
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