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  1. Hi. I'm migrating from v3 to v4, and trying to redeem Steam key. I added err argument as described in release notes, and now have the following code: client.redeemKey(key, (err, detail, packages) => { if (err) { console.log('Can not redeem: ' + SteamUser.EPurchaseResultDetail[detail]); return; } console.log('Redeemed!'); }); If key can not be redeemed, in v3 I get detailed reason, for example DoesNotOwnRequiredApp. But in v4 detail argument seems to be undefined. How can I access this info now, after migration to v4? Thanks
  2. Heroku can host nodejs app for free, but you need valid credit card, and maybe it has some uptime limitations, but I'm not sure.
  3. I am a games collector. Recently I bought random Steam key, and tried to activate it on my account via helper bot I made. I received "AlreadyPurchased" result, but package id in response does not match package I own for this game (I own 79549, and failed to redeem key with 80925). I'm interested, in which cases Steam considers I already have this product? Is it compare app ids, or depots ids in packages, or something another? What if I want to own two packages with one game? For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, that present in store (12205) does not have depot with russian language. But russian retail CD version (11616) contains ONLY russian. What can I do, if I want all languages? Can I activate both packages in some way, if I buy keys in retail? Thank's for answer.
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