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  1. like that ? for (let i = 0; i != Object.keys(client.myNicknames).length; i++) { let steamid = Object.keys(client.myNicknames)[i] let nickname = client.myNicknames[steamid] console.log(steamid.toString() + ": " + nickname) //76561198051814480: My Best Buddy }
  2. manager.loadUserInventory(steamID,753,2,true,(err,inventory,currencies) => {}) I get "Malformed response" error everytime i try to get the steam inventory and im %100 sure im logged in. I tried same code and getting tf2 and csgo inventories there is no error and i can get inventory successfully but when i try to get steam inventory i always get "Malformed response" error Any Idea how can i fix this ?
  3. let offer = manager.createOffer(steamID); offer.addTheirItems(itemArray); offer.setMessage("Beni kullandığınız için teşekkürler / Thanks for using me") offer.send((err,status) => { }) How can i get a message when the offer successfully accepted?
  4. Hello this is my code client.logOn({ accountName: config.username, password: config.password, twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode(config.sharedSecret) }); and im %100 sure that my sharetSecret is right. I can login using this piece of code in my windows computer but in my ubuntu vds i cant login i checkt the time offsets they are diffrent from each other. 1 week ago i would login in my vds but now i cant. Any ideas ?
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