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  1. Hello, currently I've set the trade offer cancel time to 90 sec when creating an instance of the steam-tradeoffer-manager. But there are some cases where I need to change the cancel time to a different one on certain trade offers. Is there a way to override the 90 sec cancel time on certain trade offers? EDIT: Nvm, figured it out when I took a better look at the documentation. If anyone is struggling with this too, you can modify the cancelTime of any offer by using offer.data('cancelTime', some value)
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    But I tested if out with Rust items, and the same type of items had identical classids even if they were in different inventories. Does that mean classids are enough to identify a Rust item? EDIT: Did some more research, classid seems to be the same for all items with the same descriptions, so in Rust's case I don't think the description can be changed by the user and so there should technically be only 1 unique classid for each type of item. Am I understanding this right?
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    So I just finished reading the post on how to identify steam items and from what I understand, as long as the contextid doesn't change when one user trades an item to another user, the classid should ALWAYS remain the same? If so, is the classid all that is needed to identify the item in that case?
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