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  1. So, how to connect again? For example, I can add friends from this bot using node-steam-user, decline trades, watch new trades, but when I try to make new offer - I get error: Error: Not logged in
  2. I have a lot of bots and I can receive a new trade. I can decline it, but if I try to create new offer, I get error: Error: Not logged in Then, if I try to make webLogOn, I receive: Error: Cannot log onto steamcommunity.com without first being connected to Steam network When I try to make relog I receive TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null at SteamUser.relog What should I do to fix this?
  3. I'm trying to login using node-steam-user with accountName and loginKey I have arround 20 accs. 90% of them throw Error: InvalidPassword and only few may be 'Logged into Steam'. But after each login I save new loginKey. What is a problem there? Is there a way to login at steam account again after server restarts? (without 2fa)
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