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  1. Update: it's been 9 months since my last post (11 months total), and it has happened a third time. I can confirm that restarting my own steam client does fix it. So, it seems like restarting the bot just pushes a refresh, and really only Valve can fix this. However, it might be something in the bot that is triggering it initially
  2. What Dr. McKay means here is that bots that interact with counter-strike are not possible using node-steam...you could accomplish this using a variety of other libraries though
  3. I did not try that, only tried restarting the bot (which fixed it). It's possible it fixed it not on the bot's end, but by sending a status change event. If this happens again, I will try restarting my Steam client and see if that fixes it.
  4. It's been around two months, but it happened again. Interestingly enough, it's ingame as it should be when actually viewing the profile, but shows as Online from Steam Friends. This leads me to believe it's neither a bug with my code, nor a bug with the library, but with steam itself. Restarting the bot fixed this error, but it is something to be on the lookout for.
  5. It's public and free (TF2). Like I said, it was working fine for several months then with no changes randomly stopped, which is why I strongly believe it is something in the third-party. However, I reinstalled the repository and that seemed to fix it. It could have been a change to there.
  6. Recently, client.gamesPlayed randomly stopped working for me. Everything else works fine, but the bot is online and not in-game. I have not made any changes to my code in several months when it just randomly stopped working, and it appears McKay last contributed to the repository six days ago, leading me to believe the problem is a change to steam's API. Has anyone else encountered this strange error?
  7. This is a public bot used intended for use in chat i don't moderate. Can't really act like that won't happen. Is there a problem with only tracking them when the needed method is called?
  8. This does seem that it will technically work, but rather complex and inconsistent (i.e. data being changed after startup). I'd prefer if there was a direct method, i.e client.chat.userHasPermission(steamid64, chat_id, permission_string) , but I guess this is fine too. Could you consider adding it in a future version, though?
  9. How can I check if a user has a permissions? There doesn't seem to be any method for it at all. I can't even find out whether or not a user has a role or what that role would do. Specifically, I want to make a command only do something if a user has the "Add and Delete Channels" permissions
  10. good there is an event for it, was probably bad of me to ask "how can i check". and good to have multiple ways of doing something , you a step above sourcepawn
  11. so there's no *event* for it? more specifically i'm trying to make something that sends me a message everytime one of the bot's freinds come online
  12. how can i check the status of my friends with node steam-user? it's not listed in documentation
  13. but its confusing but other bots do it faster yes it is, thank you
  14. I called it a legacy module because it contains a lot of depracated functions. Also, I can connect to stuff like discord and youtube faster than most other people which I thought it might be the module. I will try running it on a dedicated computer with nothing else on it and see if that speeds it up Also, why is there no function for banning people from a group chat?
  15. Why is this node module so much lag? When I type command it takes my bot slower than usual to reply, like 3/4th of a second, even when I see other bots on steam reply in like a tenth of a second. My bot isn't even that complicated and i'm running it on a pretty powerful computer. Is there anything else that I might be do wrong or is this what i get for using a legacy module
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