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  1. check if we still have a trade-offer(sent by bot) active with the user
  2. Is there a way if bot is still connected and alive other than sending a message and see if it replies
  3. how should I go on reserving those items? create another variable where I push items that is added to trade offers and every time bot creates offer, it will check first if item is already in array?
  4. I'm almost done with my bot but I have a few questions Which one would be the best and optimized way A: 1. Store bot's inventory in a variable for the first time loading the bot 2. Every time a user request for cards sets stock, access stored inventory to minimize request to steam 3. This will also be true in creating trade-offers and adding bot's items 3. Only update variable with the latest inventory contents it after successfully done a trade B: 1. For every request that needs to access bot's inventory, always fetch latest bot's data via getInventoryContents() 2. Will not do an update to the variable. My first choice is A but my concern is, this is a steam card bot(level up) with lot's of cards in inventory(up to 50000 at minimum) when someone orders enough sets that it will take a few minutes for sentOfferChanged() to emit and between that time another user orders, since bot's inventory was cached, it will still use that inventory contents since sentOfferChanged() has not fired yet. What will happen to that trade assuming it was successfully sent by the bot? Is using the option B more reliable? or even if using option B, fetching bot's inventory contents while an offer was sent and being accepted by the user, will receive a not updated inventory contents? I encountered some card bots when i try to buy for 400+ sets(not less than 20000 cards, 5 is the least number of cards per set), eventhough I already accepted the trade, after waiting more than a 20 minutes, the trade has not gone thru and it becomes "trade offer cancelled" and sometimes "items unavailable".
  5. After a few hrs with using that, my bots don't go offline but one of them keeps crashing with SIGKILL error from forever logs eventhough my server is running at 50% on average
  6. function login(err) { if (err) { return process.exit(5); } else { client.on('loggedOn', function() { client.setPersona(1, account.botDisplayName) }); client.gamesPlayed("some strings here") } } setInterval(() => { client.gamesPlayed("some strings here") }, 1000 * 60 * 60)
  7. here sir function login(err) { if (err) { return process.exit(5); } client.on('loggedOn', function() { return client.setPersona(1, account.botDisplayName) } should I replace my client.gamesPlayed in my interval? or should I call setPersona first before calling client.gamesPlayed
  8. I noticed my bots go from online(in custom game, using client.gamesPlayed) to offline status after a few hrs. it can still receive messages and recognizes the commands and all, it still functions as it should be even tho it's in offline status it still processes any trades being sent to it I even added a setInterval function for client.gamesPlayed every 1 hr and when it goes offline, I wait for the interval to refresh the client.gamesPlayed part and it doesn't work
  9. I have looked in steam-user, steamcommunity and trade-offer-manager but can't seem to find this. Is this feature available?
  10. Thanks for this. Was browsing trade-offer-manager thinking this was there
  11. from steam-user or trade-offer-manager or steamcommunity modules?
  12. Is there a way to extract a trade url?
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