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  1. Your setup looks great and simple for what I need, I may end up using that too. I quickly reviewed your code and I think it should be fine but it cost nothing to ask : From Steam's point of view, is there any difference between doing this and doing the manual confirmation with the app? Because as I said I'm trying to avoid being trade banned at all cost so I'm not using anything that could make me looks like a bot. I don't see any api call to Steam so I guess it's fine beside maybe accessing to /mobileconf/conf with a desktop browser.
  2. Hi, Alright so it's not fully related to the node libraries but I think I can get an answer here. I'm currently using WinAuth to generate my 2FA codes and confirm trades but I also still have the Steam app on my phone which I don't use anymore but haven't uninstalled because I don't want to have the 7 days trade ban when I'll reinstall it. Because of that I only have a few secondes (5 - 20) to confirm my trades before the confirmations disappears so I can't use WinAuth auto-confirm feature since it confirms trades every minutes. So I have two questions : if I uninstall the app from my phone, would it fix it? I tried to disable the app but didn't changed anything. I'm just looking for a way to auto confirm trades and maybe to cancel them after being sent, would it be risky to use your library? I can't risk a trade ban and I'm sticking with WinAuth so far because I haven't had any problem but it's always better to code his own features. Thx!
  3. I saw the reddit post about this but I tried last time and got a 7 days trade ban, thanks for your answer anyway
  4. If I uninstall the authentificator from my phone, will I be able to reinstall it and import the data back without having the 7 days trade hold?
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