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  1. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamstore#addphonenumbernumber-bypassconfirmation-callback Hey, calling this function with bypassConfirmation to true still send the email confirmation with the link that must be clicked. Am I doing something wrong or did I misunderstood the parameter? Or maybe it's just broken? store.addPhoneNumber(phoneNumber, true, (err) => { if (err) { reject(new Error(`Failed to add phone number: ${err.message}`)); } else { logInfo(`Confirmation sent to phone number: ${phoneNumber}`); } }); Thanks
  2. Hey McKay, thanks for your work fixing this project quickly. However the solution you released using https://doctormckay.github.io/steam-twofactor-server/ doesn't seem to work with multiple session, would it have an update? To make it more clean, I'm handling multiple accounts via a session manager browser extension where each tab is a dedicated session. Let's say I log my main account A normally, then open B and C from dedicated tabs with sessions. Everything works fine so far, but when the userscript redirect to https://doctormckay.github.io/steam-twofactor-server/, it always show me logged in as A, no matter if I'm confirming a trade from A, B or C. Do you have any idea on the issue and potential fix? Thanks
  3. Bumping this, an issue has been opened on github: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/steam-twofactor-server/issues/6 I tried to fix it myself but couldn't find a way to submit the 2FA code after filling the field. It looks like they removed most of the javascript functions which make it more difficult.
  4. Hey, is there a way to activate a viewer pass for the majors using one of your package? I had hope with node-globaloffensive but it doesn't seem possible Thanks
  5. I'm using cancelTime property directly on the offer and not as a property of the trade manager, I guess in that case it is instance-linked. offer.data('cancelTime', DELAY);
  6. Hey, A simple question, is the cancelTime mechanism linked to an instance? To be more clear, does it work as a timeout waiting for X ms before canceling the trade, in that case, only the instance that created the offer will cancel item, or would it cancel any outgoing offer that reach a certain age. Or with an example: My bot create and send an offer, cancelTime is set to 10 minutes. After 5 minute I restart the bot. Will it cancel the offer previously sent? As I'm typing I'm realizing that the answer seems pretty obvious but I'm still opening the question, a simple "It's linked to the instance that sent the trade" as answer would be enough 😄
  7. Bump, it broke again since the rework of the login page by Steam, it doesn't automatically request for 2FA code anymore
  8. Hey, I'm aware that I can do something like that const requestProxy = request.defaults({'proxy':userProxy}); let community = new SteamCommunity({'request': requestProxy}); But this set up a single proxy for the whole instance, while I would like to use a different proxy on different request I do with community I know I could do that by doing my own request with something like this const options = {url: URL, proxy: getRandomProxy()}; request(options, function (err, resp, body) { // Here I have a different proxy everytime }); But is there a way to have something similar while using the functions from this package? Thank you! Edit : Unless it's useless and the rate limite is based on the Steam account rather than the IP used Edit2 : After some testing, rate limite seems to be based on account requests rather than IP, making the proxy switch useless. I'll investigate a bit more but probably won't change the result.
  9. It did the job, thanks a lot
  10. Thank you for your answer So there is no way to run ASF and steam-user on the same account at the same time without having to recreate a new session every 15 minutes? I was previously using node-steamcommunity because all I need is to get a session and cookies to request Steam endpoints and I had no problem, but then I had to move to steam-user because I need to get my wallet balance. Alternative question then, is there a way to get an account wallet balance without using steam-user? Thanks again!
  11. Hey, I'm running ASF, mostly to idle cards, while I'm also using the steam-user package and every time ASF refresh it's session, it kills the one I created with steam-user == ASF LOGS == RefreshSession() Refreshing our session! Init() Logging in to ISteamUserAuth... Init() Success! ASF and my bot are running under different IP, I tried a bunch of things including setting logonID but without success, I can't prevent my session from dying. Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks!
  12. Hey, I've seen blockUser and unblockUser functions but they handle a single user per call, does this package support the block/unblock function on multiple accounts at once? I'm refering to the endpoint you can access by going in your friendlist > click "Manage friend list" > Select multiple people then choose block or unblock Thanks
  13. Thanks, I didn't knew this module I'll have a look Edit : Thanks, that's what I was looking for
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