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  1. Bump, it broke again since the rework of the login page by Steam, it doesn't automatically request for 2FA code anymore
  2. Hey, I'm aware that I can do something like that const requestProxy = request.defaults({'proxy':userProxy}); let community = new SteamCommunity({'request': requestProxy}); But this set up a single proxy for the whole instance, while I would like to use a different proxy on different request I do with community I know I could do that by doing my own request with something like this const options = {url: URL, proxy: getRandomProxy()}; request(options, function (err, resp, body) { // Here I have a different proxy everytime }); But is there a way to have something similar while using the functions from this package? Thank you! Edit : Unless it's useless and the rate limite is based on the Steam account rather than the IP used Edit2 : After some testing, rate limite seems to be based on account requests rather than IP, making the proxy switch useless. I'll investigate a bit more but probably won't change the result.
  3. It did the job, thanks a lot
  4. Thank you for your answer So there is no way to run ASF and steam-user on the same account at the same time without having to recreate a new session every 15 minutes? I was previously using node-steamcommunity because all I need is to get a session and cookies to request Steam endpoints and I had no problem, but then I had to move to steam-user because I need to get my wallet balance. Alternative question then, is there a way to get an account wallet balance without using steam-user? Thanks again!
  5. Hey, I'm running ASF, mostly to idle cards, while I'm also using the steam-user package and every time ASF refresh it's session, it kills the one I created with steam-user == ASF LOGS == RefreshSession() Refreshing our session! Init() Logging in to ISteamUserAuth... Init() Success! ASF and my bot are running under different IP, I tried a bunch of things including setting logonID but without success, I can't prevent my session from dying. Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks!
  6. Hey, I've seen blockUser and unblockUser functions but they handle a single user per call, does this package support the block/unblock function on multiple accounts at once? I'm refering to the endpoint you can access by going in your friendlist > click "Manage friend list" > Select multiple people then choose block or unblock Thanks
  7. Thanks, I didn't knew this module I'll have a look Edit : Thanks, that's what I was looking for
  8. Hey, thanks for the answer Sadly I just tried with client.requestFreeLicense([640890], (err, grantedPackages, grantedAppIDs) => { log("Adding 640890"); if (err) log("Error adding 640890 : " + err); else log("New packages added : " + grantedPackages + " | New apps added : " + grantedAppIDs); }); But it didn't added the game. I got the result : New packages added : | New apps added : Am I missing something? Or maybe it's because it's promotional free?
  9. Hey, For exemple, this game is currently free on demand, looks like package for it is 622258, but requestFreeLicense([622258]) doesn't seems to work, shall I use another function for promotional free games? Thanks!
  10. I'm asking because I'm seeing there and there some people getting banned after using it, indeed idk what % of people it represent, what they were doing or if it was a fresh account or an old one in good standing but it still worry me a bit so I prefer asking
  11. Hey, I've been manually sending my trades since ... forever. But since I'm getting a bit sleep deprived I was thinking about sending them automatically. I've been doing from 30 to 70 trades a day on average for months now and was wondering if using it would increase in any way the risk of getting trade banned by Steam. Could they detect that I'm sending my trades automatically and then flag me as a bot and ban me? Thank you
  12. Hey, you'll probably notice since you use it and I could probably come up to a fix by myself but it's just to point that your userscript doesn't works anymore since your current Steam name is now displayed at the top right of the screen instead of your steam account name, leading to an incorrect request url to the server
  13. Your setup looks great and simple for what I need, I may end up using that too. I quickly reviewed your code and I think it should be fine but it cost nothing to ask : From Steam's point of view, is there any difference between doing this and doing the manual confirmation with the app? Because as I said I'm trying to avoid being trade banned at all cost so I'm not using anything that could make me looks like a bot. I don't see any api call to Steam so I guess it's fine beside maybe accessing to /mobileconf/conf with a desktop browser.
  14. Hi, Alright so it's not fully related to the node libraries but I think I can get an answer here. I'm currently using WinAuth to generate my 2FA codes and confirm trades but I also still have the Steam app on my phone which I don't use anymore but haven't uninstalled because I don't want to have the 7 days trade ban when I'll reinstall it. Because of that I only have a few secondes (5 - 20) to confirm my trades before the confirmations disappears so I can't use WinAuth auto-confirm feature since it confirms trades every minutes. So I have two questions : if I uninstall the app from my phone, would it fix it? I tried to disable the app but didn't changed anything. I'm just looking for a way to auto confirm trades and maybe to cancel them after being sent, would it be risky to use your library? I can't risk a trade ban and I'm sticking with WinAuth so far because I haven't had any problem but it's always better to code his own features. Thx!
  15. I saw the reddit post about this but I tried last time and got a 7 days trade ban, thanks for your answer anyway
  16. If I uninstall the authentificator from my phone, will I be able to reinstall it and import the data back without having the 7 days trade hold?
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