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  1. Hey, So from reading my title I know you would maybe just wanna answer directly with a No. But would it be possible to extract the trustfactor value/rating? (even when you got prime enabled already) Cause when you start a game with others in a lobby they can see if you have green/nowarning, orange or red trustfactor. So I was wondering if perhaps this value could also be retrieved somehow using node-globaloffensive? https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-globaloffensive
  2. Might be an issue with my code actually. This is what I've got currently as start/stop function: function startBot(steamUsername, steamPassword) { if(typeof activeBots[steamUsername] !== 'undefined' && activeBots[steamUsername]) { stopBot(steamUsername); } activeBots[steamUsername] = createBot(steamUsername, steamPassword); activeBots[steamUsername].steamLogin(); } function stopBot(steamUsername) { if(typeof activeBots[steamUsername] !== 'undefined' && activeBots[steamUsername]) { activeBots[steamUsername].logOff(); // logout delete activeBots[steamUserna
  3. Hello, What is the proper way to remove/clear a steamUser class from memory after it has run into the error event? If the logOn(); was successful and I call the logOff() and then delete the var it seems to get cleared properly or picked up by the GC at least. with an error this doesn't seem the case and hangs around in the memory forever. (tested with --inspect) (I know delete might not work if it is referenced somewhere else but its not. Also I understand that it won't get cleared instantly but might be picked up by the garbage collector correct? but even after leaving it idle
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