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  1. I found out that when API key is taken from my account. If the privacy of the steam friends I have is set to friends only,when I do a API call to the endpoint "GetPlayerSummaries" even though their privacy must be "friends only"(2). the endpoint sends me data which tells their 'communityvisibilitystate' is 3 because they have set their privacy to friends only,and my account is a friends of thier's.So I gather if i have a steam publisher web api key this wont happen.I did try to this but steam asked to pay fee and something about taxes it was really overwhelming so i wanted to know is taki
  2. Where can i access steamcommunity.com's CSS How is the background position decided ? How is it relative to the level of the player.?
  3. As of my pervious question relating to the same steam levels.I was surfing around some websites which show the steam player information using steam's web api . I found something in common.They all had a class to a "div " or "span" of "friendPlayerLevel" and according to the levels also had a class of "lvl_plus_50" or classes respective to the levels. I did not quite understand how multiple different websites have the same symantic going on.And one more thing which I found in common was this url 'steamcommunity-a.akamai.net' which is used to fetch the background image for
  4. I was wondering where can i get all the icons or vectors for different steam levels .Do you have any idea
  5. can you explain it..please? i do not know what kind of api or package you are using or what does the code mean
  6. There is a end point for getting steam level of a user (GetSteamlevel).But is there any end point for getting steam level and the color of the level?
  7. Ya thats the last option i have left with.I wanted to display the users friends list(with avatar and steam name) in my project. I have to get the friends list.cal playersummaries retrive all the avatar and steam names . Any way I am new to ur development forum and i m using ur steamid npm package . Keep up the goood work man
  8. I want to retrieve a user's friend list with their avatar and steam name. There is a method GetFriendList() from the web API .But it only returns the steamid's of the friends and a unix timestamp from when the user is a friend. I was wondering is there a method or a npm package which gets the user's friend's list with their avatar and steam name.I have been all over steam web API documentation,I was unable to find this type of method.Any help is appriciated.Thank YOU
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