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How to get a steam web publisher api key


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I found out that when API key is taken from my account.

If the privacy of the steam friends I have is set to friends only,when I do a API call to the endpoint "GetPlayerSummaries" even though their privacy must be "friends only"(2). the endpoint sends me data which tells their 'communityvisibilitystate' is 3 because they have set their privacy to friends only,and my account is a friends of thier's.So I gather if i have a steam publisher web api key this wont happen.I did try to this but steam asked to pay fee and something about taxes it was really overwhelming so i wanted to know is taking a steam publisher web api key is the right way or just created a new account with no friends and taking a web api key from that?.Please help me out.Any help regarding this is appriciated.Thank you.

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