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  1. As far as I know offer.data() only allows you to store data. So like apibot said you would need to use the property cancelTime in the constructor. More info: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-tradeoffer-manager/wiki/TradeOfferManager#canceltime
  2. I am currently using v.12.16.3 I already got the issue fixed though, like you said it was an issue with me Importing TradeOffer. I removed all my code with that import and it started working again. Thanks alot!
  3. Hello, I have recently stumbled upon a weird error. I have never seen this error before all I know that it happens when I set my cookies (presumably when pulling offers). I am pretty sure that it's my code being bad but I have recently started using Typescript so I don't know if that can affect it. I have used this module before without any problems at all. Anyway here is the error:
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