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  1. For the first request I make usual request $steam = "http://steamcommunity.com/inventory/" . $steamid . "/440/2?l=english?count=1000"; $json = file_get_contents($steam); $data = json_decode($json, true); Then I get more_items = 1; last_assetid=123 and I want to do another request which starts with the last_assetid. I know that next $steam should have ?start_assetid=123, but don't have any idea how Would I do it to keep the old content. Please suggest me
  2. @Dr. McKay Do I need any API to get users content of inventory ?
  3. I really dont know how is that possible... Earlier I have set offer.data('cancelTime', 120000); and after first succesfully completed trade, I was keeping getting this...the offer.state "Canceled" (all the time I restart my bot, first trade works, others it cancels) manager.getUserInventoryContents(offer.partner.getSteamID64(), 440, 2, true, function (err, myInv){ if (err) { console.log(err); } else { // I need to send X ref var volume = entryCost; // amount = number in args[0]
  4. Got error called "Error: Invalid input SteamID [object Object]" and don't know what to do... My code: manager.getUserInventoryContents(offer.partner.getSteamID64(), 440, 2, true, function (err, myInv){ if (err) { console.log(err); } else { // I need to send X ref var volume = entryCost; // amount = number in args[2] // Filter out all the ref var ref = myInv.filter(function (item) { return item.market_hash_name.match
  5. I set some sessionExpired function, that reconnect the bot to steam when its expired. But when it expires, it reconnect the bot multiple times. The command below send about 20 messages that theres an error, and the error is fixed. Also in console it looks like (picture). Does anyone know wheres the problem ? community.on("sessionExpired", function(err) { client.channels.cache.get("753653286283903126").send('<:false:750799883572609245> **There was an error, fixing the error... <:repairing:755511536423927909>**') .then(sentMessage => sentMessage.delete({
  6. Hey, I keep getting error 429 even if I set pollInterval to 5000ms, where can be problem ? let manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client2, community: community, language: 'en', pollInterval: 5000 });
  7. How can I check ? I knew what is offer.id but didnt know how to check ...
  8. But what if I want it to have that handler on specific trade ? There are 2 diffrent sending trades functions, first is the bot doesnt give anything, and this i want to check if is confirmed, second is the bot is giving.. (I have solved it wuth adding if statements on itemstogive == 0) 1. How can I know that first sent trade offer is matching with some id ?? like if (offer.id === ______)... I need something that says if (offer.id.state === "accepted"), but this code wont work, how can i do it ?? 2. Some developer told that i can fix this using polldata, is it possible
  9. Could you please help me ?? So how could I prevent that bot will not respond both users when only 1 user confirmed the trade offer ?? It is really frustrating to see it and really dont know how to prevent it in chat it looks like this: (1 - user "EnelGy" accepted the trade, 2 - user "Command" wrote the same command, but didnt accept the trade...) And if the user who won accept the trade that bot is sending his winnings, it resets(like he registered sentOfferChanged() - accepted offer) and generates another game where also are 2 users: After accepting the win: this is
  10. I there any code/function to detect last accepted offer and say what was opponents trade link ??? The reason why do I need it is because when 2 different users got offers, and 1 of them accepts the trade, bot doesnt know who confirmed, (but registered that someone confirmed) so bot sends them both message like "Success trade confirmed "
  11. I have copied this code and need help what i need to change to make it work... Items that bot is requiring opponent has, so the item is existing and if the guy doesnt have the item, console says that. I got this error and dont know why.. . the script is here if(isNaN(amount) || amount === undefined){ console.log('invalid number'); } else{ var count = 0; var i = 0; console.
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