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  1. thanks for your answer! 1. thought so, that's unfortunate but i'll get around it. 2. do you know the most efficient way to retrieve all cs item images? i used the market api to get all images of market listings (around 15K), but there are obviously a lot of items that are not listed on there. and i don't have enough accounts to parse user inventories until i gathered all 16K+ image links
  2. hi, i have two questions regarding your globaloffensive node module: 1. do i always need the users steam name + password to connect to the game coordinator or is there a possibility to connect to it by just clicking a regular "sign in through steam" button (openid auth)? 2. How can I acquire an items image (regular image shown on i.e. the market page) with the globaloffensive module? i am not able to use another module (i.e. steam-community) in this scenario thanks and have a nice day!!
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