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  1. hey, why do we need to wait for the itemRemoved/itemAcquired event when adding items to a storage unit, or when removing some? what could happen if i were to ignore it and just keep making requests to add/remove more items? missing items? rate limits? the reason why i am asking is because i have never used the listener, but a guy on some reddit post mentioned it and now i am concerned for my items. i had no problems whatsoever until now and it's just so much faster with some short delay between each action, instead of waiting 300ms or so. if my program is running fine, can i ignore the events and just use it as is? or is there any essential reason to it and i MUST wait for the events, before handling the next item? btw, thanks for what you do with this forum and all your help!!
  2. thanks for your answer! 1. thought so, that's unfortunate but i'll get around it. 2. do you know the most efficient way to retrieve all cs item images? i used the market api to get all images of market listings (around 15K), but there are obviously a lot of items that are not listed on there. and i don't have enough accounts to parse user inventories until i gathered all 16K+ image links
  3. hi, i have two questions regarding your globaloffensive node module: 1. do i always need the users steam name + password to connect to the game coordinator or is there a possibility to connect to it by just clicking a regular "sign in through steam" button (openid auth)? 2. How can I acquire an items image (regular image shown on i.e. the market page) with the globaloffensive module? i am not able to use another module (i.e. steam-community) in this scenario thanks and have a nice day!!
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