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  1. Well, in the item schema i get the 11'th crafting recipe is described as "#RT_F_A", "#RI_Cw" which translates into "Fabricate class weapons" which is exactly what I need hovewer crafting also fails without specifying the recipe.
  2. I have three valid items (1 scrap metal, 1 class token and 1 slot token). I call the craft method this way: .craft([scrap, classToken, slotToken], 11); As a result, in a craftingComplete event I get an error. Do theese items should go in a particular order or there some other error could be happening? scrap, classToken and slotToken are totally valid IDs. In this example I'm trying to craft a spy PDA2 weapon with specified tokens. Cannot try with other tokens as i don't have any other on me.
  3. When I'm trying to issue 2 craft requests one by one without delay i always get failure on second craft. What is the minimum delay between crafts?
  4. How do I check whether is item can be crafted or traded? The official WebAPI documentation says that items have optional fields flag_cannot_trade and flag_cannot_craft and if they're absent they're should be assumed false. Hovewer, in node-tf2 I'm not having these fields on all items, even those that aren't tradeable or craftable.
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