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In node-tf2, check item's eligibility for crafting/trading

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How do I check whether is item can be crafted or traded? The official WebAPI documentation says that items have optional fields flag_cannot_trade and flag_cannot_craft and if they're absent they're should be assumed false. Hovewer, in node-tf2 I'm not having these fields on all items, even those that aren't tradeable or craftable.

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Unfortunately, the data received from the GC (what you get via node-tf2) is incredibly messy and there's like a dozen conditions you need to check to see whether an item is untradable/uncraftable. It's probably not worth your time doing and you should probably just pull that data from the web instead, but if you really want to, a starting point is that a few conditions that determine uncraftability is a flag in the flags field, an "achievement" origin, a "tradable after date" attribute, and a "never tradable" attribute. That's not an exhaustive list though.

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