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  1. Hey! I am trying to Import the Sentry File of a Real Steam Client running locally. After googling, i found that it is saved in <steamInstallDir>/Steam/ssfn<numbers>. Problem being, i seem to have two of these files locally, both following the name format, just with different Numbers. The content of the files is different, however one of the two is marked as NTFS Hidden. How do i know which of the two files are used by my real Steam client? (Is there any meaning to the Numbers?) I have checked with a friend, they also have the same situation: 2 files, different names,
  2. Ah, i was not aware that steam guard must be enabled to activate Family Sharing. I enabled Email Guard, and it works fine now. I did not think about this because the AccountNotFound code was throwing me off. Thanks for the Answer! ~solved
  3. Hello, I am getting a UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: AccountNotFound when trying to Authorize the local SentryFile to get a deviceToken. My code is currently as barebones as it could be. const SteamUser = require("steam-user"); var c = new SteamUser(); c.logOn({ "accountName": "...", "password": "..." }) c.on("loggedOn", (det)=>{ c.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online); c.authorizeLocalSharingDevice("Test-PC").then(res=>{ console.log("token: "+res.deviceToken) }) }) The Online Status successfully updates, however i get a promi
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