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  1. I have updated steam-user to v4.19.7 and downgraded my bot to 2.10.4 in order to test relogging without my relog queue update. CPU usage looks fine again (spikes up to ~40% but is mostly at ~25%) during startup so thats good. During login (regular login, before causing a connection reset) there are a lot of WebSocket timed out debug messages, not sure if those were present before too. After causing a connection reset it took 15 minutes again before they realized they had lost connection. For some odd reason I recieved multiple Unhandled Rejection "Already logged on, cannot log
  2. Yes I am indeed using a Raspberry Pi (3B) for hosting the bot. I haven't tested if the original issue of this post is also present on my main machine. I have just updated to v4.19.6 and I see you implemented queueing for multi msg processing because it absolutely obliterates the log (you should maybe think of another way of logging "Enqueued incoming message" because I just got 1970 lines of that message in one second). However I am sadly not able to test/use the version because logging in now uses 85% CPU which results in my bot not being able to log in all accounts (maybe bu
  3. Alright, I made an update containing a custom relog function which queues each account loosing connection and relogs each one after another. I tested it yesterday and overnight and all accounts survived the connection reset of my router. This should confirm that the accounts indeed failed to relog because of too many login requests in a short timespan. I have yet to test how my implementation behaves when Steam is down and the bot can't reconnect on the first try (but it should retry through the error event until sucessful). GitHub commit (if you are interested): https://github.com/
  4. Just another note on the idea to handle a delayed relog myself: It would technically be easier for me to relog all accounts with a delay between them than for your library because your library only knows of the one account it is connected to and not the whole picture like my controller file. I could just call a function in my controller file from the disconnected event which then does a normal logOn again for that bot, saves the last login timestamp and if another call is made within the cooldown period it queues that account and performs a login when the cooldown is over. Running ma
  5. Sorry it took a bit longer to make this reply because trying to post a really long log here messes up your cookies when it tries to save what you previously wrote inside the reply box... So - I updated steam-user and reconnected again. Interestingly this time two accounts instantly recieved the disconected event and relogged after I reset the connection. The other accounts took their time as usual. Two accounts didn't make it again (I think Bot 2 and Bot 4). I hosted the log myself real quick: (8300 lines) https://3urobeat.com/log.txt
  6. I ran a quick cat log.txt | grep 'Bot 1' >> filtered.txt over the log posted above to make analyzing what happens to one account a bit easier. (And sorry for the spam)
  7. So after causing a connection reset on the webpage of my router and waiting 15 minutes the bot finally decided to let me know that he was disconnected. (A bit too long for my taste but whatever) 5/10 accounts relogged successfully, the rest is offline again. Failed accs: Bot 1, Bot 3, Bot 5, Bot 7, Bot 8 I hope you can figure something out from these 1300 lines of debug messages xd It starts with the last message before the route reconnected and ends with the last useful message (after that only ClientPersonaState was shown)
  8. Disregard what this message said, after waiting 15 minutes the bot finally tried to reconnect and I got more useful information in the comment below
  9. This happens every morning now when my router does a conenction reset. The affected accounts are different every time, probably because of the order in which they loose connection. I'm starting to think more that they fail logging in again because the requests are just too close to each other. This would also explain why I hadn't the issue with less accounts. But I'm still wondering why the loggedOn event is called and no error is shown then. I have added the debug event listener and will try to cause a manual connection reset.
  10. Hey! I'm facing an issue since a few weeks now regarding the automatic relogin after NoConnection. My router resets the connection every morning and changes the IP which results in the 'disconnected' event getting called with the msg 'NoConnection'. In the past all accounts connected to my bot would relogin fine, set their webSession and work as expected. Since a few weeks now however some of my 10 accounts will appear offline after loosing connection and throw an error when trying to use them to comment (The settings on this account do not allow you to add comments) which is
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