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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there, I've currently spent today investigating and playing around with node-steam-user, and node-globaloffensive. I've have an array of inspect item links and I would like to check each of them using the InspectItem method, however my implementation seems to only send a protobuf message once, with successive calls not doing anything. It fires an 'inspectItemInfo' event once as it successfully displays the item details with. csgo.on('inspectItemInfo', function (item) { console.log(`got item: paint index is ${item.paintindex} and paintwear is ${item.paintwear}`); }); I am iterating over an items array containing the correct id, assetID and d value from the inspect link, I have validated each of these values work by manually inputting the values when calling InspectItem as they correctly give me the paint index and the wear float, however as previously mentioned it only seems to do this once, and then hangs. Here is my implementation: csgo.on('connectedToGC', function () { marketItemsObject.forEach(function (listing, index) { console.log(listing); setTimeout(() => { console.log(`${listing.id}`); csgo.inspectItem(listing.id, listing.assetID, listing.d); }, index * 3000); }); }); Many thanks for any help you may be able to give as i've been stumped on this for a few hours now.
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