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Found 6 results

  1. Basically the title. As far as I understand when using getCasketContents the items array doesn't have the name of the items that are stored in it. Is there any way to determine the name of the item and only remove let's say "Shattered Web Cases" from the storage unit? Secondly is there a limit to how many items I can remove from the casket per second? Looks like I can only remove 50 for some reason
  2. I have tried out the node-steam-user and node-globaloffensive package but I've logged in manually till now using username and password. Now I'm changing the manual login method to O-Auth/openid just like the "login with steam" feature on this site. Is there a way to use the logOn function of node-steam-user package by using the result obtained from the o-auth login. Because as far as I know, o-auth login only provide some profile info and steam ID. But I don't think that will be enough for the lognOn function to log in. My main goal is to login the user through steam and extract it's pro
  3. How can I get an item image or even 3d model of an item? Examples:https://s.cs.money/Zw7kaxs.jpg
  4. Hey there, I've currently spent today investigating and playing around with node-steam-user, and node-globaloffensive. I've have an array of inspect item links and I would like to check each of them using the InspectItem method, however my implementation seems to only send a protobuf message once, with successive calls not doing anything. It fires an 'inspectItemInfo' event once as it successfully displays the item details with. csgo.on('inspectItemInfo', function (item) { console.log(`got item: paint index is ${item.paintindex} and paintwear is ${item.paintwear}`); }); I am iterating ove
  5. Hello, i cant get requestPlayersProfile to work. var Steam = require('steam-client'); var SteamID = require("steamid"); var GlobalOffensive = require('globaloffensive'); var SteamUser = require('steam-user'); var crypto = require('crypto'); var account_name = "name"; var password = "password"; var client = new SteamUser(); var csgo = new GlobalOffensive(client); var sentryfile = fs.readFileSync(account_name + '.sentry'); var sha = crypto.createHash('sha1').update(sentryfile).digest(); client.setSentry(sha); client.logOn({ "accountName": account_name, "password": password })
  6. Hello, I tryed to get the globaloffensive GameCoordinator working for the whole day but it just does not work... My implementation: this._client = new SteamUser(); this._community = new SteamCommunity(); this._manager = new TradeOfferManager({ "steam": self._client, "community": self._community, "language": "en", "pollInterval": 15000, "cancelTime": 650000 }); this._csgo = new GlobalOffensive(self._client); self._client.logOn({ "accountName": self._user, "password": self._p
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