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Found 4 results

  1. how to trade CS:GO items with the trashdump user? because I do not know
  2. I wanted to be able to make my bot be able to tell the difference between tf2 items and unusual effect, for example I want my steam trading bot to recognize unusual effect like burning flame hong kong cone, disco beat down hong kong cone etc. I don't know whether the code should be in .JSON file or .js. However I lack the knowledge to do so. Help would be appreciated, thanks! Bot.js
  3. in function process(Offer) { I wanted to add stock limit and current stock to my steam trading bot but I lack the knowledge. Simply I want my bot to be able to stop accept trade offer after current stock exceed stock limit, how do I do so.Bot.txt Help would be gladly appreciated, thank you.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to build a tradebot which creates offers with keys in it and I only want CSGO case keys, no capsule keys. Is there any other way then checking the tags on an item? The capsule and case keys both look the same there... tags: [ { internal_name: 'CSGO_Tool_WeaponCase_KeyTag', name: 'Key', category: 'Type', color: '', category_name: 'Type' }, { internal_name: 'normal', name: 'Normal', category: 'Quality', color: '', category_name: 'Category' }, { internal_name: 'Rarity_Common', name: 'Base Grade', category: 'Rarity', color: 'b0c3d9', category_name: 'Quality' } ] I can check the 'market_hash_name' if it contains 'Capsule' but that's kinda dirty ;( Any suggestion is really appreciated! Greetings
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