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Found 3 results

  1. I wanted to be able to make my bot be able to tell the difference between tf2 items and unusual effect, for example I want my steam trading bot to recognize unusual effect like burning flame hong kong cone, disco beat down hong kong cone etc. I don't know whether the code should be in .JSON file or .js. However I lack the knowledge to do so. Help would be appreciated, thanks! Bot.js
  2. in function process(Offer) { I wanted to add stock limit and current stock to my steam trading bot but I lack the knowledge. Simply I want my bot to be able to stop accept trade offer after current stock exceed stock limit, how do I do so.Bot.txt Help would be gladly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Hi, Thanks for making your node modules open source Doctor Mckay. I'm interested in making a tf2 trade bot. I searched the internet and your api was the only one which allowed the bot to trade ingame. I'm interested in making a bot like this but in python. I looked through the source of tf2 module and I'm having a hard time understanding what some things do. I don't have much experience in javascript or programming bots in general. Could you explain what the Game Controller is and what the protobuf things are doing. I searched online about the TF2 game controller and I didn't find any documentation. Could you link me to some sources to learn more about the game controller and how to control a bot that is ingame? Thanks, Benscar1
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