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Get steam keys from a file ?


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Hello everyone !

So I spent the last few weeks trying to create a bot that basically trades random steam cards for Steam Game Keys (with a lot of help from Vanilla ;p )


I am now pretty much done with all the trading stuff, and the last thing that I need is to get the Steam Key from my file.


Basically, my goal is to

- Count how many keys in total are in my .txt or .csv or .anything file and get that to a variable so I can add a line earlier in the code which checks if i have enough keys left before accepting the cards

- Get the key(s) from the file (in order to send them in chat)

-move the used keys to another file or modify their line to mark them as 'inactive' or something.


Here is the part where I stopped :

else {
    totalKeyWeGive = cardCount / cardToKey;
    console.log("We will give "+totalKeyWeGive+ " SteamKey");
    console.log("OFFER ACCEPTED");
    //loop on how much we give the key
    for (i = 0; i < totalKeyWeGive; i++) {
        //get steamkey from file here ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    var textMsg = "Hello ! You bought "+totalKeyWeGive+ " Game keys. Your keys are: ";
    client.chatMessage(offer.partner.getSteamID64(), textMsg);


I already have most of the variables setup, and processed earlier in the code : 


cardToKey - How many cards are needed for one key

cardCount - How many cards are there in the offer

totalKeyWeGive - If everything is okay in the trade, how many keys should we give




Any advices on how I should handle this ?

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Then how should I handle the callback ? I'm currently getting errors on offer.decline(offer) , while offer.accept(offer) is fully working ?



(btw I finally managed to make something functional out of the fs module, thank you for the advice !)

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