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Unable to accept offer: self signed certificate


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i can accept the offer in web but can't accept it with node-steamcommunity 




in some reason our country block the steamcommunity.com when we visit the site our targetlink will be reset,so if we want visit steamcommunity.com we must use a vpn

and one day some one find the way to visit it without vpn it's called Reverse Proxy, i thought.(sry for my bad english)

The question is now i can visit steamcommunity.com with web and steamclient, but i can't visit is by node-steamcommunity

the first offer worked becacuse i use a another ipaddress in hosts, and then i change the hosts to my Reverse Proxy server, and then show Unable to accept offer: self signed certificate


what should i do ? can you give me some suggestions? I am very grateful to you for reading these.



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