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Posted 30 January 2019 - 12:41 AM

Nearly a year in the making, v4 is now available! This release includes many breaking changes, so please carefully read over these release notes.

  • Now requires node 8 (up from node 4)
  • Removed dependency on steam-client
    • Removed ability to specify a custom steam-client. Instead, that functionality is built in directly.
      • Local address binding and proxying are now options
    • Removed the Steam static property
    • Removed the client instance property
  • Removed deprecated methods:
    • disableTwoFactor; non-functional, use steamcommunity instead
    • generateAuthCode; use steam-totp instead
    • requestPasswordChangeEmail; non-functional
    • changePassword; non-functional
    • createAccount; non-functional
    • changeEmail; non-functional
  • server_time in enableTwoFactor callback data is now a number instead of a string (not a Date as that would break the JSON-stringifyable property of the response)
  • Callbacks now have err as their first argument
    • enableTwoFactor
    • requestValidationEmail (changed from eresult)
    • getSteamGuardDetails
    • getCredentialChangeTimes
    • getAuthSecret
    • getPlayerCount (changed from eresult)
    • getProductChanges
    • getProductInfo
    • getProductAccessToken
    • redeemKey (changed from eresult)
    • getChatHistory (changed from eresult)
    • blockUser (changed from eresult)
    • unblockUser (changed from eresult)
    • getPersonas
    • getSteamLevels
    • getGameBadgeLevel
    • getServerList
    • getServerSteamIDsByIP
    • getServerIPsBySteamID
  • promptSteamGuardCode option has been removed
    • Prompting for Steam Guard code from stdin now happens only if no steamGuard listeners have been attached
  • parseAppTicket now has an optional second boolean parameter. If omitted or false, the function will return null if the ticket is missing a signature (or it's invalid).
  • Extraneous properties have been removed from parseEncryptedAppTicket's output, including isValid and ownershipTicketExpires.
  • last_seen_online is now a Date object in the user event
  • The behavior of downloadFile's callback and the EventEmitter it returns has changed
  • Options
    • localAddress
    • localPort
    • httpProxy
    • protocol
    • language
  • Basic support for new Steam chat
  • Localized rich presence strings in user event (closes #200)
  • All methods which have a callback now also return a promise. You can still use callbacks if you prefer.
  • Now uses protobuf.js v6

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