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RateLimitExceeded from sendFriendMessage method

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Hey! I am trying to add a feature for a client that requires retrive info of last trades made by bot.


My question is:


Anyone knows what is the rate limit of send a message to person?


I didn't find anything in docs. I tried 100 ms of delay beetween each msg but still getting rate limit exceeded.


Thanks in advance

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Is the Bot Account a free Account?


I can send so many MSGs i want from my BOT to my main Account.


But why u must send a message all 100ms?

This are 10 MSGs per second and 60 in a minute ?

Is not enough once per hour or on request?


In my mind, there are no limitations.

Only on Profile Comments...


I have limited MSGs from Users to my BOT by my self to 1 MSG in 2 sec ...Otherwise they get autoblocked from my BOT


But there was a chat update few days ago, i dont know if there are changes like this


EDIT: I spam my Bot for few minutes, all works fine, can u send ur code to take a look?

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