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How do I find apps with card drops? Or owned apps in general

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I have recently been trying to make a card farming bot but I have one problem. I don't know how to find out which apps contain card drops. After looking around a lot I found out I can use client.getOwnedApps to find the apps I own but can't find any npms that help me find which apps have card drops available. Also .getOwnedApps() shows all apps owned, including default apps. How do I find a list of default apps to delete from my array? Big daddy Dr. McKay shows that he knows how to get rid of the default apps in this thread: 

 Anyone know what I could use to get an array of apps with card drops or just how to get rid of the default apps?

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10 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

To get which apps have card drops available, you'll have to scrape the badges page. There's no better way to get that data. You can check how I did it in Steam-Card-Farmer for help.

To exclude "basic apps", you'd want to filter out appids that are granted to you only by package id 0.

Thanks a lot for the advice. That's everything I needed!

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