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Maybe a scam using your name.

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Hello Dr. McKay,

Today, some guy come to me with a trade offer for my Pro Ks. Strange AWP and other item, saying that he would trade my items for a 600 keys unusual.

So far so good, I was already suspicious about that, and he wanted to make sure that the trade was "secure" for him, so he asked me to add a friend of him, and sended me your profile.

Talking to this profile, that was "pretending" to be you, apparently, I was supposed to send my items to another bot, and then would receive his items.

I am just here to ask if this was really you, and if wasn't, to warn you.

The screenshot is the profile that first added me and was wanting to buy my items.

And the profile pretending to be you I don't have it anymore, sorry.


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