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Hello, it is planned to have a large number of bots in the future. Can I have problems with Steam related to ip?

I already connected the proxy to node-steamcommunity, Is it possible to connect the Proxy to node-tradeoffer-manager? Or is there no particular need for this?

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8 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

Yes, you won't really be able to run more than 10-15 bots on a single IP. You'll need to use proxies or multiple IPs on your machines. You can have steam-tradeoffer-manager use a proxy by setting a request instance with a proxy set using request.defaults to the TradeOfferManager constructor.

Sorry, does this definitely work for the TradeOfferManager constructor? I specifically tried to set a non-existent proxy. Strange, But the requests did not break, and they work as if nothing had happened, what could be the reason?

Interestingly, this method of attaching a proxy works great in SteamCommunity constructor

const Request = require('request')

const mng = new TradeOfferManager({
		'request': Request.defaults({'proxy': ''}),
		'domain': 'example.com',
		'language': 'en',
		'pollInterval': 5000


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On 7/25/2020 at 5:16 PM, Dr. McKay said:

我的错; 您可以将请求传递给SteamCommunity构造函数,然后将该 SteamCommunity实例作为社区属性传递给TradeOfferManager构造函数

hi,doc,can you help me see if this is the right way to use  proxy ?

it not pass that SteamCommunity instance to the TradeOfferManager constructor as the community property,but it still work



and i'm come from china,i can't use node-steam-tradeoffer-manager in my computer,now i only can use it on vps,if i want use in my computer ,how i can set proxy?

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3 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

That looks correct, just uncomment your "community": community line.

Ty,Doc,but this still can't work on my computer,even i change ip by vpn,i still can‘t use node-steam-tradeoffer-manager,,always ETIMEOUT, do you know why?Do I need to set the proxy at node-steam-user?If it's not convenient for you to say that, that's fine, I just want to know if there is a way to solve it

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