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steam-user elecron issue

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I trying to make a csgo application on electron, since I am using node-steam user it is showing WebSocketBase.disconnect,  WebSocketConnection.end and SteamUser._disconnected issues. I think this some issue with electron, but is this important to define websockets before using steam-user. P.s. my other applications worked with socketing. the code goes here:

const form = document.getElementById("details");
    const name = document.getElementById("user").value;
    const pass = document.getElementById("pass").value;
    const logOnOptions = {
          accountName: name,
         password: pass,
          twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode('auth')


    client.on('loggedOn', () => {
          console.log('Logged into Steam');
        client.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online, 'desired_name');



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Uncaught TypeError: setTimeout(...).unref is not a function
    at WebSocketBase.disconnect (./node_modules/websocket13/lib/base.js:68)
    at WebSocketConnection.end (./node_modules/steam-user/components/connection_protocols/websocket.js:153)
    at SteamUser._disconnect (./node_modules/steam-user/components/logon.js:312)
    at ./node_modules/steam-user/components/logon.js:259

this is the error that I encountered. do i have to define a socket,  to use steam user here?


also this, error is only encountered inside electron, the script runs fine without electron.

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steam-user does not support running in a node-enabled electron renderer. You should run steam-user in the main process and expose a communication channel between the renderer and the backend.

I've not done any serious work in electron, so I can't tell you how exactly to achieve this.

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