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Exception in logOn( in process.nextTick)

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SteamUser.prototype.logOn = function(details) {
	// Delay the actual logon by one tick, so if users call logOn from the error event they won't get a crash because
	// they appear to be already logged on (the steamID property is set to null only *after* the error event is emitted)
	process.nextTick(async () => {
		if (this.steamID) {
			throw new Error("Already logged on, cannot log on again");

		this.steamID = null;
		this.limitations = null;


after v4.5.1, the logOn method use the nextTick to do login action,
after then, how to get the Error in the nextTick async callback ?

and so, the doConnection is called in the callback method, there are maybe some errors in that method,

for example

function TCPConnection(user) {
	this.user = user;

	// Pick a CM randomly
	if (!user._cmList || !user._cmList.tcp_servers) {
		throw new Error("Nothing to connect to: " + (user._cmList ? "no TCP server list" : "no CM list"));

	let tcpCm = user._cmList.tcp_servers[Math.floor(Math.random() * user._cmList.tcp_servers.length)];
	user.emit('debug', 'Connecting to TCP CM: ' + tcpCm);
	let cmParts = tcpCm.split(':');
	let cmHost = cmParts[0];
	let cmPort = parseInt(cmParts[1], 10);
   // .......

maybe some temporary network issues, and it may cause that, tcpCm is invalid, so


may get error,

but those error could not be catched, it cause node.js unhandledRejectionException

how to catch those exception in the code ?

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That's a good point on the already logged on error, although for the others I don't really think it's worth being concerned about. It should not be possible to be missing a CM list since it's retrieved from the WebAPI and the library falls back to a bundled list if that fails.

I'll see about making it possible to handle the already logged on error.

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