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Check user's details before sending an offer.

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Hello. I've seen many topics about offer.getUserDetails, but i can't understand how it works. All the time i try to send offer to a user that has no mobile steam guard or wrong token for example, im getting error, thrown by getUserDetails, but i can't get the type of this error. For example:
 Error: There was an error sending your trade offer.  Please try again later. Username is not available to trade. More information will be shown to Username if they invite you to trade.

Or (wrong token):  Error: Trade Offers can only be sent to friends.  Username is not on your Steam friends list.

I want to catch that error and show the user what the problem is, like 

 if(err.type == "not_friends") 

 console.log("Check your tradelink!");

else if(err.type == "no_mobile")

 console.log("Please use mobile steam guard auth in order to receive offers.");

If there is other way than the one im using, please share. 

Im currently using:

var SendToUser = manager.createOffer(row[0].userid);

SendToUser.getUserDetails(function(err, me, them) {
                if (err) {
                    console.log("getUserDetails Error:" +err);



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