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Cookies Send to accept trade offer

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I am trying to create a bot in Java. I can login with it and get steamLoginSecure, steamMachineAuth**** with it after login.

I want to be able to accept incoming trade offers. I am using steam api to get trade offer details so, I am able to get tradeoffer id with it.

I used the link in the node-steam-tradeoffer-manager https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/4389150283/accept?sessionid=**&serverid=1&tradeofferid=**&partner=**&captcha=

And used the cookies similar to that used in your node-SteamCommunity :   'Steam_Language=english',  'timezoneOffset=0,0',   'steamCountry= **', 'steamLoginSecure=**' 'steamMachineAuth** =**',


And finally in header referer is set to the link of trade offer.

I am getting a `null` and 403 forbidden as  a reply. 

Could you please help me with what must be the request in postman so that I can implement that in Java?

Thank you. Have a great day:).

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Thanks for the reply. Yes it works now. Your comment on Ben's questions also helped. So I just had to send the values as x-www-form-urlencoded. I was stuck on this for about a month. I was looking in the wrong direction, I kept thinking there was a problem with how I was sending the cookies or I was missing some cookie, especially the webTradeEligibility cookie as when I cleared my browsers cookies I could not trade, that cookie is not even needed when we request directly, that was strange.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful day:D.

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