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fatal error clarification.

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I'm going through the steam-user documentation and had some questions with the "error" event emitted.


Emitted when an error occurs during logon. Also emitted if we're disconnected and autoRelogin is either disabled, or it's a fatal disconnect.

If I leave autoRelogin enabled and my instance receives a fatal disconnect. Should I try to relog myself when it regains connection to steam or will the package automatically attempt relogs without me needing to?

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If error gets emitted, the SteamUser instance is done doing anything until you manually log it back on. Steam outages are not fatal disconnects, and if autoRelogin is left enabled then error will not get emitted when Steam goes down. Fatal disconnects are things like InvalidPassword, AccountLoginDeniedNeedTwoFactor, RateLimitExceeded, or LoggedInElsewhere.

Essentially anything that isn't Fail, NoConnection, ServiceUnavailable, or TryAnotherCM is fatal.

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On 1/14/2021 at 6:17 PM, Dr. McKay said:

I would guess that's because the proxy isn't able to connect so it throws up its own error.

Yes, I can confirm steam just went down and I was able to confirm this is the cause of the fatal error being thrown.

When steam goes down I got a disconnection event of "3 NoConnection" then a few seconds later I got thrown the fatal error of "Proxy connection timed out".

Is there a way I can test proxy connection with steam before trying to relog?

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