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Should gamesPlayed open the game itself?

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Hi. I've just started "playing" with this today, and I'm not sure if I catch the concept itself. 

My idea is track from an external app the events that happens in my CSGO games. It could for example track my kills "reading" the killfeed.

As I understood my idea was open the game with this "gamesPlayed" method and then play and whith your other module for csgo do the other stuff. The thing is that the game does not open. And if I try to open it manually I'm told that it's running elsewhere. Have I misunderstood what this module is for? or is this not working for me because I'm doing something wrong.


Thanks in advance


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Yes, I think you've misunderstood what this module is for. When using the gamesPlayed method, the module reports to Steam that you're playing the game, but it does not actually launch the game. You won't be able to interface with the CS:GO client and read the killfeed using this module.

There is probably a way to read the client console (and thus the killfeed) through a program, but I don't know how you'd want to do that offhand. If the logaddress_add command works on the client, that would probably be the best way, but I have my doubts that that'll work.

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