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" Cannot read property 'conf' of undefined "


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This same error keeps happening and I don't know how to fix it


I've tried reinstalling the module and that doesn't seem to work.

I've narrowed down where the error occurs and it seams to be occurring when it exits this:  image.png.2dd14c80e890dc3876d2c356f9f24930.png

After that code the function ends and it stops managing the trade which is where the error seems to occur.image.png.9f45fce536d0caf40a3a4ccdffe09094.png

Once processOffer is complete and it exits the manager on it seems to crash and I just need help fixing it please

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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

You're using the automatic confirmation checker, which has had this notice on its documentation page for 3.5 years:



thanks for the solution, everything works now


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