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Custom status and idling games


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Hello! I got this code for now:

	bot.on('loggedOn', function() {
		console.log("["+ Date() + " " + this.username + "] Logged into Steam");

and I want to have a custom status saying for example "idling hours" and in the same time have a list of games to idle, the list of games is done already but I can't get the custom status to work with the games, I know you can idle more then 33 games but at that point it doesn't count hours anymore so I want the custom status to be last to be "idled"

bot.gamesPlayed("idling hours");

but it didn't work

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On 11/8/2021 at 2:30 AM, Dr. McKay said:

This should make the displayed game "Idling Hours", but sometimes Steam can be temperamental when it comes to custom game names.

bot.gamesPlayed(['Idling Hours', ...this.games])


Hey! I've did it, but just now I realised it didn't make me any hours, I still have the custom status.

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