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Error send message to group


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I'm trying to send a message in the first room but it's returning an error, probably the chatId is wrong, how to find my "Principal" chatId?

bot.on('groupList', () => {
      console.log(Object.keys(bot.myGroups )[ 0 ])
      bot.chat.sendChatMessage( '103582791471570174' , '0' , "hello") })


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Posted (edited)
5 minutes ago, Dr. McKay said:

The error is AccessDenied. Sounds like you don't have access to that group chat.

Hooo, maybe it's because I created the group with another account? It's weird because I gave ADM to the bot account.

🤔 Strange, I tested it on the other account that I created the group and it gave the same result.

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I don't know why you'd only be getting that data. Here's the response I got to the same exact call:

  chat_group_summary: {
    chat_rooms: [ [Object] ],
    top_members: [ [SteamID], [SteamID] ],
    role_ids: [],
    role_actions: [],
    party_beacons: [],
    chat_group_id: '22328242',
    chat_group_name: 'Price Bot',
    active_member_count: 2,
    active_voice_member_count: 0,
    default_chat_id: '78507305',
    clanid: SteamID { universe: 1, type: 7, instance: 0, accountid: 42048766 },
    chat_group_tagline: '"IN DEVELOPMENT..."',
    chat_group_avatar_sha: null,
    rank: null,
    default_role_id: null,
    appid: null,
    watching_broadcast_channel_id: '0',
    active_minigame_id: null,
    avatar_ugc_url: null,
    disabled: null,
    steamid_owner: null,
    chat_group_avatar_url: null,
    watching_broadcast_steamid: null

Maybe your account is limited and limited accounts don't have all the data returned to them? Maybe you need to update steam-user?

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